Solar Home Tour

4CORE partners with American Solar Energy Society and other organizations around the country as part of the National Solar Home Tour to bring you our local Solar Home Tour

An Annual October Event Showcasing Innovative, Net-Zero and Energy Efficient  Solar-Powered Homes

The Solar Home Tour brings you a day of solar innovation and efficient home energy systems in unique and stylish homes throughout the region.

The Tour provides a great opportunity for interested individuals to learn and see the diversity of solar applications and how solar may work for their home, demonstrating real-life examples of how people are harnessing energy from the sun to generate electricity, warm and cool their homes, heat water and slash monthly utility bills.

Call for 2017 Entries

It’s never too early to tell us about your unique solar or net-zero home. Would you like to join the 4CORE Solar Home Tour in 2017?

It’s a great way to meet interested community members and share your knowledge and lessons learned about your solar home.

All homes or businesses must: have at least two energy features (renewable or efficiency)

  • be available for show by owner and renewable/efficiency installer
  • be located within 10 miles of Durango City Limits,
  • have adequate parking for 5-8 vehicles at a time, and
  • not be for sale during the tour.

Contact us today with home nominations that showcase active and passive solar, energy efficiency and clean energy systems.

2016 Solar Home Tour Sponsors